At On the Wall and Windows, we are your soruce for window treatments in the Roanoke and New River Vallies.  We have a mobile window treatment sales floor, your living room.  We believe that with all the choices that are available today that it makes the most sense to bring the showroom to your room.  It allows us to acutally put the materials in the window and in the hands of the end user that ultimately makes for the best decision possible for a given window. 
We carry all levels of window treatments from the most standard "mini-blind" to the most advanced motorized app controlled window treatments.   We can come to your come with the knowledge and the passion for this industry that no one can surpass.  We want your statisfaction above all else, give us a challenge and we will provide a beautiful and useful solution.   
With the millions of options available today with the worldwide economy we know that the competition is high, but there is no competitor that can match our level of craftsmenship and attention to detail.  When we help you choose a solution, we are not here just to make a sale but a pledge to stand by our installation and products for the lifetime of ownership.  
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“It is our commitment to our customers to provide the best colors, materials, texture, fitment and price with every window being covered”
Stephen McLaughlin,  Lead Installer