Wall-Covering Removal
What do you do when it comes time to change that tired or out of style wall paper,?
How is it possible to remove it without ruining the wall or your own sanity?  Easy answer, just call On the Wall and Windows.  We are the answer for wall covering removal.  Why struggle and waste a wonderful weekend or several days just to be distraught and left with a wall that is not ready for new covering or paint.  We are here to save the DAY!
At On the Wall and Windows,  we take on this process with one goal, leaving the wall ready for the next step of renovation.  We start by using lots of drop cloths.  One must know the wall-covering being removed, it's content and have the knowledge and proper equipment to remove wall-covering properly, safely and cleanly.   We use  environmentally friendly products to remove any residual paste and we remove all paper debris from the jobsite when finished.  We won't leave messy residue all over your floors and cabinets, etc. 
The most common mistake made when removing wall-covering by non-professionals is not removing the adhesive.  It can be a messy project, and one better executed by professionals with the skills and the proper equipment...and patience.  Call us.  Keep your sanity!!!!